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WildTrax is an online platform for managing, storing, processing, sharing and discovering biological and environmental sensor data.

With the advent of new digital-based sensor technologies to collect environmental data, there’s been a growing need for a platform where that data can be efficiently and effectively handled. This is where WildTrax comes in. Although built to accommodate data from any broadly adopted sensor, WildTrax is currently set up to handle data from remote cameras, autonomous recording units, and avian point counts. Whether you’re looking to tag your remote camera images, or transcribe your audio files, WildTrax has tools for you.

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Supporting woodland caribou recovery in western Canada

The Caribou Monitoring Unit (CMU) was developed to support woodland caribou recovery in Canada. The CMU works with academics, industry, and government to facilitate applied research and provide scientific expertise to evaluate and monitor caribou recovery options. Going forward, the CMU will operate as the Wildlife Science Centre as part of Biodiversity Pathways. 

Current projects range from prioritizing areas for habitat restoration to determining how predator numbers and landscape features affect caribou populations. The CMU continues to develop relationships with stakeholder groups and support efforts to increase our collective understanding of issues facing woodland caribou in Western Canada.


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Monitoring human footprint in British Columbia

The British Columbia Footprint Monitoring Program is a partnership between Biodiversity Pathways and the University of Northern British Columbia. Its aim is to produce a human footprint dataset for the province of British Columbia to monitor landscape change. 

Human footprint is defined as the extent of human land use in any given area, including developments such as roads, seismic lines, and surface mines. Creating human footprint maps will support cumulative effects monitoring and management of development in BC, including in old-growth forest and caribou habitat.

Stay tuned for additional information as the program develops!


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