Cougar photo from a wildlife camera

Data Collection

We support informed natural resource management by bringing together the best available data.

We bring a big-picture approach to ecological monitoring. We deliver large-scale field and geospatial data collection programs to fill knowledge gaps and address high-priority questions. Data sharing partnerships enable us to integrate large datasets and fill data gaps. 

Pine Siskin

Trend Monitoring

We contribute to a collective understanding of how species and landscapes are changing in response to human activities. 

Working with our partners, we identify key questions for species, habitats, and landscapes and bring together the best available datasets to address critical biodiversity issues. We are always open to adopting new technologies and methods.

Relative Abundance

Scientific Analysis

Our scientists and collaborators are dedicated to working at the frontier of biodiversity monitoring and research.

We use cutting-edge datasets and technologies to understand the state of the world around us. We develop innovative, practical products validated by peer review that support decision-making on a regional and national scale. 

Example image of human footprint

Geospatial Data and Research

We develop innovative methods to map natural and anthropogenic features on the landscape.

We use cutting-edge datasets and technologies gather information and understand the state of human footprint and natural environments around us and how they change over time. 

A group of Elders and researchers sit around a table with maps


We are committed to building networks, creating communities of practice, and developing capacity for environmental monitoring.

We partner with Indigenous communities looking to develop their own monitoring initiatives and build capacity. We work to establish collaborations with others interested in responsible resource management, such as industry, environmental organizations, and all levels of government.

A woman looking into a microscope identifying a brophyte

Applied Research

Our work and data are responsive to the environmental issues of our time. 

Our work goes beyond measuring and reporting on the state of biodiversity. We are passionate about applying what we do to practical management challenges, such as those related to climate change, species at risk, and natural resource management.

We pride ourselves on being unbiased and scientifically credible.

We operate at arm’s length from government and industry, providing information that is both objective and unbiased. Our work is validated through a peer-review process, and all data, analyses, and products are made publicly available. We work hard to develop information products to meet the needs of communities and decision-makers to promote responsible resource management and land stewardship, now and into the future.